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Diagnostic Medical Sonography


18 Month Program

Class Times

Daytime Class Hours with some classes offered Online


Graduates are eligible to sit for credentialing through the ARRT as a Registered General Sonographer

What is Diagnostic Medical Sonography?

Diagnostic Medical Sonography, also known as Ultrasound, is a diagnostic process that creates images of the structures inside the human body. This images are then evaluated and used by the physician to make a medical diagnosis. The process involves placing a device called a transducer on a patient’s skin near the area to be scanned. The transducer sends a stream of high frequency sound waves into the patient’s body and the affected area that bounce off the internal structures. A computer analyzes these sounds to form an image for the radiologist to interpret the pathology. Unlike X-ray, Sonography is a radiation-free imaging modality.

Program Information

Our DMS program is an eighteen (18) month Associate of Applied Science Degree program designed to prepare students for entry-level employment as a Sonographer. Consisting of both on-campus and online classes, the DMS program is designed to offer you the flexibility of online classes while still focusing on the benefit of hands-on training in our on-campus labs.

Students will receive training from qualified and experienced instructors in a classroom setting, modern on-campus laboratories and also an offsite clinical externship!

  • Medical and Sonography Terminology
  • Human gross and sectional anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology
  • Acoustical Physics, Doppler Ultrasound principles and ultrasound instrumentation
  • Sonographic appearances of the normal and abnormal neck, non-cardiac chest, breasts, and abdominal organs and peripheral vessels
  • Sonographic appearance of the normal and abnormal female pelvis
  • Sonographic appearance of the maternal, embryonic and fetal anatomy during all trimesters
  • Performing Sonographic studies of the abdomen, superficial structures, non-cardiac chest, gravid and non-gravid pelvis
  • Sonographic studies and gross anatomy of the venous and arterial systems of the upper and lower limbs, carotid artery, and hemodynamic flow concepts
  • Issues in health care and safety


Career Services

Upon completion of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, our Career Services team will work with Graduates to assist with career placement! Contact Us today to get started.

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ATA gave me the tools I needed to succeed. They changed my life and my children’s life as well – Medical Assisting program student

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