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Student Services

As an ATA student, you have a support system in place that will help you succeed in the classroom and your chosen field. We have an entire department dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals’ from tutoring to polishing your resume and fine-tuning time management or communications skills, all at no additional cost to you. Learn more about our student services below.

Career Services

It’s one thing to have the know-how. It’s another thing to find a job. Career Services at ATA is here to assist graduates and alumni. As you near the completion of your coursework, we will match you with a career services advisor to help in your job search. Whether you need an externship, an internship or a position in your field of study after you graduate, Career Services provides the resources and tools you need.

We will also arrange networking opportunities and job fairs for you to attend and offer specialized single day programs in basic computer training, resume writing, interviewing tips, time management and more.

Academic Tutoring

Because we are so determined to help you achieve your goals, should you need tutoring during your time at ATA, we’ll arrange it for you at no additional cost*. Tutoring opportunities include:

  • One-on-one or group review of study material
  • Review classes held prior to certification and license exams

*Students must be attending regularly scheduled classes to qualify

Community Service Projects

You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in different community service events, like blood drives and health fairs. Apply skills you learn in class, obtain real-world work experience, and gain satisfaction from helping others.

SMILE Kentucky
ATA is a proud supporter of SMILE Kentucky and many of our students, faculty and staff members assist with this program that brings good oral health to the children of Louisville.

School Activities

You will get a great education at ATA, and we think you just might enjoy the time spent here, too. We like to show our students how much we appreciate them with special events, picnics and contests.

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