Ask anyone at ATA College about “the student always in the lounge studying” and everyone would have the same answer. “Oh, that’s Nevin! She is there every day after class”. 

By “every day” they don’t just mean a few days a week, or here and there before a test etc. They mean just that… literally every single day.

Meet Nevin Stults! Or “the student always studying in the same spot every day”. When we finally asked Nevin about her studying habits, she said “I stay after class for several hours every day. I want to make sure I know it inside and out”. Why stay after class though? Why not study at home? Nevin said, “if I stay here and study and get stuck, I can just go ask someone for help. Mainly Jaci Mcguire (Nursing Retention Specialist) or Colette McCammon (Nursing Instructor)” She replied when asked who her go-to helpers were.

Nevin worked as a CNA while being a student and also shut off her social media so she would have “limited distractions”.

All of her extra hours of studying have paid off! Nevin just graduated from our LPN program with a 3.4 GPA and got hired on at CarDon Associates in a memory unit, in her first interview after graduating!

She plans on returning to ATA in our LPN to RN Bridge program to pursue her RN credentials and open up even more opportunities.

Nevin’s hard work is just one example of many here at ATA College. Becoming a Nurse is no easy task. However, with hard work, utilizing the tools we provide, and dedicating yourself temporarily to change your life, it can be done!

Way to go Nevin!! 

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